About RK Franchise Consultancy, Inc.


RK Franchise Consultancy boasts a rich history spanning over a decade, with its roots tracing back to its inception in Cebu in 1995. Initially focused on marketing international franchise companies for master franchising within the Philippines, the company’s journey took a significant turn in 1996 when it began nurturing homegrown businesses. Thirsty?, a venture specializing in fresh fruit juices and shakes, became their first client, marking the starting point of a lasting partnership built on trust. A decade later, this partnership led to RK Franchise Consultancy’s involvement in developing the Mooon Café franchise for the same client.

In April 1999, the company relocated its headquarters to Manila, establishing its presence in the Pacific Star Building in Makati. Subsequent moves took them to Illinois Street in Cubao and, in November 2004, to their current 180-square-meter office in Minnesota Mansion on Ermin Garcia Street, Cubao, Quezon City. Presently, RK Franchise Consultancy is powered by a team of 18 dedicated professionals.

To date, RK Franchise Consultancy has successfully developed more than 900 Filipino and foreign companies into robust franchise systems, collectively representing over 60,000 franchisees. Notably, 60 of the Filipino franchisors under their guidance have expanded their franchises beyond Philippine borders.

Since 2000, RK Franchise Consultancy has co-organized the annual Cebu Franchise Expo, Iloilo Franchise Expo, and Mindanao Franchise Expo. Additionally, the company actively participates in various events and expos.

Their relentless commitment to excellence has earned RK Franchise Consultancy recognition from prestigious institutions such as the Consumer League of the Philippines, The Parangal ng Bayan Foundation, and the Global Brands Award. Complementing their consultancy work, RK conducts educational seminars in schools and SM Global Pinoy Centers across the country. The year 2012 saw them being honored with the Outstanding Professional Award by Superbrand Marketing International. They are integral founding members of the Filipino International Franchise Association (FIFA) and have been affiliated with the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) since 1997. Furthermore, they are active members of the World Franchise Consultants network.

RK Franchise Consultancy plays a pivotal role as the co-publisher and editorial entity of FranchisingPH magazine, a publication available every two months in restaurants, salons, SM Global Pinoy Centers, and online at franchisingph.com

ABOUT FIFA (Filipino International Franchise Association)

FIFA (Filipino International Franchise Association) brings together franchisors, franchisees, and franchise sector enthusiasts to facilitate learning, information sharing, and the promotion of high ethical standards. As a non-stock, non-profit organization, FIFA’s leadership comprises seasoned franchise business executives. Membership in FIFA is open not only to franchisors located in the Philippines but also to franchisors from any country seeking a master franchise in the Philippines.

The association champions a Code of Ethics that governs the conduct of its members, emphasizing full disclosure of information to potential franchisees to ensure informed decision-making. While there’s no specific franchise legislation in the Philippines, FIFA’s Code fills the gap by mandating transparency and accountability.

Through publications, meetings, seminars, and various events and activities, FIFA aims to guide prospective franchise buyers in making well-informed choices and assists those embarking on franchising their businesses to establish robust procedures from the outset. The association extends a warm welcome to suppliers and service companies as members who can offer valuable support to franchisors and franchisees alike.